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We offer all of the great benefits of Capitalize My Title in a convenient WordPress plugin. You can now capitalize all of your headings in WordPress with the click of a button.

We developed the Capitalize My Title plugin with simplicity in mind. We took the great parts of Capitalize My Title and built them right into WordPress. No more need to come to our main page.

See Suggested Capitalization in Your Post or Page

See suggested capitalization within your post so you don’t need to get distracted from your writing. Override headings which are quite capitalized correctly.

The plugin pulls from the Capitalize My Title API so you always have the most up-to-date capitalization rules.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Capitalize

Our plugin adds toolbar buttons which also allow you to use keyboard shortcuts in the Classic Editor. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to capitalize your titles:

  • ALT + T: Title Case
  • ALT + S: Sentence case
  • ALT + L: lowercase

Set Custom Capitalization Rules for Different Headers

Want to use title case for H1 and H2 and sentence case for H3-H6 headers? You can! Want to make H1 and H2 all uppercase (we won’t judge) and all others lowercase? You can! Configure individual styles and substyles per heading. It’s as easier as selecting them from the dropdown.

Gutenberg and Page Builders

Our plugin works in Gutenberg and with many other page building plugins (including Generate Blocks, WPBakery Page Builder, etc.).

Capitalize My Title WordPress Plugin